YMC 2011

YMC 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flash Mob Youth Media Carnival 2011

Hello everybody. Youth Media Carnival is just around the corner, and we will also present you guys with the 'IN' thing today, a FLASH MOB.

Yup. A flash mob.

So, before we update you guys with the real plan, how about we listen to the song that we are going to perform for the flash mob.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Meeting YMC 2011

Dear all part 6 students, Diploma Communication & Media, UiTM Melaka

This is an official announcement from the organizer to all of you. One meeting will be held here in Lendu for our beloved Youth Media Carnival. All part 6 students are required to attend this meeting.
Required means it is C-O-M-P-U-L-S-O-R-Y.
Each booth need to be ready with their updates on activities, attractions, celebrities appearance, stage events and any other things.

The details for the meeting are as below;

Location : Dewan Kuliah 4, Empat, Four, Vier
Date : 22nd of March 2011
Time : 8.00 PM, 8 Malam, Jam 2000

Your cooperation is fully appreciated. Please spread this information to all you friends.
Thanks guys and see you at the meeting.

p/s : This meeting is very important in order to fulfill any requests, solve any problems and enhance our carnival image.

Mr. YMC 2011 :D

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Coming Soon; à venir; akan datang.

Youth Media Carnival

Youth Media Carnival was firstly selected to meet its own purpose of this project, which the students are required to cooperate with the local media or communication industries. The Youth Media Carnival concept is chosen to describe the carnival itself; targeting the involvement of youth from various education institutions in Melaka. This concept also helps the Melaka state government in economy and giving positive impact to local and international tourists. Meanwhile, this carnival also completes the UiTM stakeholders’ social responsibility efforts.

With Youth Media Carnival, the approach we highlight is the concept of youth unity, assisted with the appropriate medium, which is the media. In addition, the event held also stresses on cooperation and teamwork among youth. This will ensure the unity of the future generation.

In general, the idea of 1Malaysia itself implied that Malaysia is a country that emphasizes on solidarity and love. Based on the government’s recommendation, together with Vice Chancellor’s special mission that is ‘Kasih Sayang 1Malaysia’, for expression of care and love of all ages and ethnic in Malaysia. Through the planned activities, indirectly it will manifest these feelings of care and love and unity.

In order to attract people to participate in this event, Youth Media Carnival will be held for two days, in conjunction with the flow of Melaka Maju, to the state of green technology. 40 participating organizations will be exhibit during the carnival at trhe respectives booths. The organisation includes its own media company, broadcasting and publishing plans, whether it is a non-profit organisations or private company and their communication and media efforts to be studied. 40 booths will include studied organizations, sponsorship entity and food and beverage stalls. Within the booth various activities will be held together with main stage event.

Overall, Youth Media Carnival is held not only to promote the 30 booths of communication and media organisations that are exist in Malaysia but it is also held to explain the sense of responsibility to state of Melaka and other sponsors towards the social, youth and healthy lifestyle development in line with Melaka Maju 2010 objectives.